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Travel Insurance

Travel insurance, aka ‘multi-trip’ travel insurance, could be a great option for travel bugs, potentially saving you both time and money.

Annual travel insurance

Annual travel insurance is suitable for people who travel frequently, whether for business or leisure, domestically or internationally.

Even if you don’t yet know exactly which countries you’ll be visiting, you can choose worldwide coverage. That way, you can fly to any destination at a moment’s notice with peace of mind.

How it works

Annual travel insurance policies come in two types:

  • Domestic policiesThis only covers travel throughout Australia – however, you may have to be a certain minimum distance from home for it to apply. Generally, a domestic policy includes a level of cover for luggage, belongings and trip cancellation but excludes medical.*
  • International policiesThis is for worldwide travel or travel to countries in specific regions. Most international policies will provide you with a level of cover for emergency medical expenses, evacuation, loss of luggage and personal belongings, trip cancellation, and third party personal liability.*

Parent Australian visas are issued for both working and aged kinds. Applicants immigrating on this visa option might take up an employment in Australia. Few Parent visas initially are offered for temporary settlement which could be changed to a permanent type subject to your application. There is an option for 'Contributory Parent Visa' which assures faster processing of immigration though at a higher cost.

It may be noted that every year a limited number of Parent Visas are issued by Australian immigration authorities. For this reason there is a queue of application and you may have to wait for your turn.

What are the benefits?

If you know you’ll be taking multiple trips over the next 12 months, there can be benefits to taking out an annual travel insurance policy.

Every policy offers different types of coverage and excess levels, so carefully review the terms and conditions of every policy you are considering.

you probably won’t be able to buy travel insurance once you’ve left your home country. To avoid any unwanted surprises, always make sure you’re covered before you travel.

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